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As of June 10, 2013 I am now a certified Bowen Practitioner.

Bowen Work

In November 2012, I started taking a new series of classes learning a new modality of corrective bodywork called Bowen Work. Developed in the 50’s by the late Tom Bowen from Australia, this work is very different from any type I’ve learned before. It’s done by doing what are called “Moves”, a specific sequence of very deliberate motion done on specific points on the body that activate the brain and nervous system to trip our reset switch to release the holding patterns of trauma and stress.  I have included more information from an article from Massage Magazine, “Bowenwork”.

In a single session, the therapist does a couple of “Moves” then leaves the room for a few minutes to allow the client’s body to activate and process. The therapist returns and does a couple more “Moves” and leaves again.  I love this gentle approach; it’s powerful work for the client allowing the innate intelligence of the client’s body do the healing work. The body set up the holding patterns in times of trauma and stress and it knows how to release it. The therapist just gives it the signal to do so.

This work is a stand-alone type of session. It’s not done with other massage techniques. After a Bowen session, it’s suggested to not have any other type of bodywork done for 5 to 7  days, which includes chiropractic, acupuncture, or other forms of massage. After a Bowen session, the brain and nervous system continues to unravel the old stresses held in those patterns for another 5 to 7 days. It’s recommended to receive 1 session per week for 3 weeks to keep the brain and nervous system activated and continuing to work.

I have been incredibly amazed at the long lasting shifts in my body after just 2 sessions. I am very body aware and could feel nerve pathways open and do reorganizing of the muscles, ligaments and the joint integrity as the unwinding happens. It’s been my observance in working on clients for the past 18 years, not all people are as body aware. When we live in our heads and are cut off from feeling what’s going on in our bodies until it screams in pain, some people don’t feel any shifts during the session yet will feel a relief of pain after a few days that the body has been processing.

The Bowen sessions can be extremely relaxing. I noticed drifting in and out of sleep as the session went on.

For more info on Bowen work, go to  to read more of the history and more detail of what this incredible work is about.

To schedule a bowen session go to the appointments page, please read the page, it has some important instruction about booking your appointment. Or you can call my office number and have to play some phone tag with me.

I hope you will take the time to receive some Bowen session to experience for yourself the magic of the work. Our bodies are not meant to be in dysfunction and pain. There’s reasons why it’s in that place and I love that there’s a way to reverse the proces that put us in the stress in the first place.

Please drink lots of water a few days before your session, being hydrated helps the healing process even better. Drinking lots after a session for a few days helps the body release the toxins that will be let go of during a session. Walking will be your friend after a session to start integrating the shifts and changes into your body.

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The study of the amazing human body is an ongoing quest for knowledge of the thousands of modalities there are to assist the body to thrive to its greatest capacity.

I choose to look at the body as a whole. Pain is a liar because of how the nervous system is wired and because of how one part of the body effects so many other parts. The body sets up compensations and distortions when trauma and injury has take place. Being an anatomy detective to find the source pain is coming from has been a unique challenge. Knowledge of anatomy and listening to how a person body is directing the unwinding to occur has been some of the best teachers.

Since 1995 I’ve studied with The Institute of Integral Health, learning and practicing the work of Lauren Berry. His understanding of how mechanical muscles are, shifting tracking alignment of muscles, allowing them to lever and pull across the joints they are attached to, increasing mobility and ease of movement has proven to be a very effective way of treating joint dysfunction. “If it’s not broken or torn, it can be manipulated back in place”. It’s a modality that is not well known and I am currently the only one practicing the advanced teachings of this work in Salem and outlying areas. There are only a handful of teachers passing the work on.


Energy Work 

Access Consciousness Bars® is the primary type of energy work that has benefited so many. Look at the Access Bars page for more information.




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