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Kangen Water

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Water is the foundation of life. Our bodies are over 70% water. Science has shown that if our bodies are hydrated sufficiently and alkaline in pH, we have the most health benefits.

If we aren’t changing out the 70%  of water in our bodies everyday we become toxic and acidic which damage all of our cells. If we are in a chronic state of dehydration eventually many systems of the body begin to experience dis-ease processes, sickness, no energy, cancer, heart disease, diabetes, fibromyalgia and a host of other problems which many can be corrected through proper hydration.

Click here for more information: click on the video tab and watch much of the demonstration I do in classes. It’s an education you won’t want to miss.

Not all water is the same. In the water class I show thru ph drops in many of the commonly drank beverages how acidic they are, even bottled waters. Most bottled water is processed thru reverse osmosis, which was initially created for the film industry to avoid mineral spots on the film. This process of filtering water strips important minerals out of the water, leaving it dead. Water has to have minerals to be whole. When dead water is drank, the natural minerals from our body binds with the dead water and we eliminate important minerals from our body leaving many systems of our body deficient of vital trace minerals used to digest food properly, strengthen bones and other vital functions. Acidic water also damages blood cells. There’s a new documentary called which reveals from Doctors both MD and DO and ND and those that used natural means to make cancer disappear and drinking active hydrogen water was one of the beneficial ways to fully hydrate every cell in your body with the means for the body to heal itself. This is the type of water which the Kangen machines produce! Fortunately for us this amazing technology is available to us. If we lived at the base of a waterfall we could get this kind of water also

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Kangen Water Benefits

The Kangen Machine makes hexagonal molecules, the way nature intended water to be. This type of water is found in the mountains, it tumbles down glaciers and waterfalls creating this small hexagonal molecules.This smaller water structure helps our body absorb water more efficiently into the cells and is alkaline in pH, very mineral rich, allowing our body to detoxify properly, cleaning the organs which help the process of acidic waste removal.

WATER CLASSES: I host a water education class that demonstrates the importance of how ionized water helps the body function at optimal balance. Call today and reserve your date to see how this amazing technology from Japan is changing health by just drinking this special water.

The next Kangen Water Class Thursday January 14th at 7pm. Call to register for the class. Location given upon registration. 

Kangen Water Class can be scheduled anywhere! I don’t mind traveling. Call to reserve a time!

Change your water, change your life!

Call 503 428 7990  today to host or attend a class!

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