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Therapeutic Essential Oils


I have found a company that creates purest quality Essential Oils found today. They have raised the bar on purity, consistency and they test the oils 7 different scientific ways by an independent testing facility, to make sure the oils have the potency that they demand for all their products.

These Essential Oils are the best that I’ve ever found. They were founded in 2008 and believes in delivering a product that empowers people to assist your body to support, strengthen maintain optimum health. The power of nature benefit our bodies as part of a preventative measure as is good diet, exercise, sleep, drinking adequate amounts of water to maintain a healthy body and help it function at optimum balance.

I hold classes to educate and empower people to learn that natural healing from nature is the best way with no negative side effects. Come learn how you can benefit from this tremendous tools from nature.

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Once you have attended a class, or have a one on one presentation you can acquire the essential oils and other natural products as a wholesale purchaser, as well as learn more about the company by visiting my wellness store. Reinventing our health care and how we can be empowered by using natures in our lives like the gift of pure essential oils is Amazing!

I am certified to do AromaTouch Technique in my massage practice now. It’s about applying 8 specific essential oils to the spine and 2 of them on the feet, massaging them in in a very specific manner. It allows the body to become deeply relaxed as well as help the many systems of the body be supported in many ways.  Many clients have experienced this and now ask for it when they come back for another session of it


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