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 Amarah Milan LMT

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In October 2011 I legally changed my name, formerly known as Brenda Strunk, my name has changed to Amarah Milan, inspired by many wonderful life changes.

I’m always learning more about bodywork, energy work, and personal growth and enjoying my journey of evolving my spirit. I’m happy to share these beneficial insights.


In November 2012 I started taking a new series of classes to learn how to do Bowen Work. Please see the Bodywork and Bowen Work pages to see more detailed explanation of this amazing modality.

I’ve added a wonderful technology from Europe which increases micro circulation. Sessions on it are available. Check out the BEMER page!

Hydration Classes

I am holding water classes weekly … to find out dates and times to discover how a special type of water can detoxify, thoroughly hydrate, increase the body’s ability to sleep better, function with less pain; just from drinking this water produced from the Kangen water systems. Never tried it? Don’t miss out on how to prevent serious health issues. Treatment of serious ills like cancer, heart disease and a host of other problems are extremely expensive compared to the small amount to prevent it. Experience for yourself why this type of water is so effective and become aware of how bottled water, reverse osmosis and distilled water may be the reason we are getting sick. Being conscious of these issues, we can prevent devastating health problems.

 Online Booking System

I have an online booking system available.  I’ve found using internet browsers Chrome or Firefox are the best ones to use when booking your appointment. Please read my appointments page on my website for details.  If you need an appointment time other than what is offered on the site, call my officel, I am flexible with my times and can book varying times from the administrative side of the booking system.

I look forward to serving you soon. I thank everyone for being a part of my growing practice.

With Ease and Joy,

Amarah Milan, LMT

503 428 7990



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