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In October 2011 I legally changed my name, formerly known as Brenda Strunk, my name has changed to Amarah Milan, inspired by many wonderful life changes.

I’m always learning more about bodywork, energy work, and personal growth and enjoying my journey of evolving my spirit. I’m happy to share these beneficial insights. 


Emmett Technique

The latest studies have been a series of classes called Emmett Technique. Based from Australia Ross Emmett has developed this unique gentle technique to create change in the body by giving subtle touch holding points or tripping switches of the nervous system to give the brain information to make changes in the body at many different levels. If Emmett Technique is done as a session it is usually about a half hour session. Less is more with this type of work. The work continues to making changes for a week or more. I’ve been amazed at how much change takes place in such a gentle way. It’s deeply relaxing as well.

I’ve added a wonderful technology from Europe which increases micro circulation. Sessions on it are available. Check out the BEMER page!

Amarah Milan, LMT

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