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BEMER Technology

The BEMER Therapy Technology was developed in Lichtenstein with 5 international patents and has been licensed as a medical device in 43 European and South African Countries for over 18 years. This technology is proven to increase general circulation, delivering oxygen, nutrients and creating efficient waste removal, optimizing circulation function in the body. NASA and BEMER create a joint cooperative agreement in March of 2015  to create a wearable garment for the astronauts to assist them in having greater blood circulation in space. Any improvements NASA makes on the technological advancements, BEMER gets the rights to. There is also a Veterinarian set used for animals large and small.

BEMER has been the best investment in my health I could ever imagine having. Come see what it’s about. Check out the website Here

Now Available:

The BEMER Veterinarian for large animals.  I have one available for sessions on your horse. It’s also available for sale. The online store to see all the details.

Upcoming BEMER events: 

Call to host a BEMER presentation with your friends, family, work group. Now available is the New Veterinarian BEMER for large animals (horses, cows, lama’s) see how your precious furry loved ones can have amazing health benefits too!

How BEMER can facilitate our body to:
Increase general blood flow and microcirculation
Increase oxygen
Increase nutrient absorption
Eliminate toxins & waste
Increase energy & mental focus
Improve sleep & restfulness
Improve digestion & elimination
Improve immune system

Learn from our featured speaker who shares exciting insights from:
Application to Customization of your unique body. It’s great for pets too!
The future of at home health restoration & prevention is HERE!

You can have sessions at my office or purchase a BEMER Technology System to have at home.

I’ve added this amazing technology to my therapy offerings. The sessions are only 8 mins long and can be done before a massage session.

A single session is $25

Package of 5 for $115

Packages of  10 for $200

A BEMER session before a massage is $15. You’ll be very relaxed before the massage session begins.

If you’d like to host me for a group informational talk and have your guests experience the BEMER, call to schedule a time. You can receive a free package of 5 sessions with 6 or more guests attends.

Receive a package of 10 sessions with 14 or more guests whom attend. If you refer someone who purchases a BEMER for themselves to enjoy at home you receive $200 for each BEMER purchased at your event.

Help me spread the word about this amazing technology which assists our body to heal itself.

For more details about the BEMER  technology email or call 503 428 7990  or write to



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