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Access Consciousness Bars™


Access Consciousness Bars®

Bars is one of the foundational tools of Access Consciousness™. You learn a hands on energetic process, which you will gift and receive.  The Bars process has created massive amounts of ease and change for people all over the world. The Bars consist of 32 points on the head which hold the electrical energetic charge of the thoughts, ideas, beliefs, decisions and emotions that you have stored in any lifetime about: Healing, Body, Time, Hopes, Control, Awareness, Creativity, Power, Aging, Sex, Money and so forth. The Bars are activated by by light touch, allowing energy to flow. This creates greater flow and ease in your body and opens new possibilities, freeing the “stuck” areas of your life and allowing you to choose from the present instead of the past. Every time you gift a bars session to someone, you receive the benefits as well.

A Bars session is deeply relaxing, the least you will feel like you had a very relaxing massage, the most it will do is totally change your life. It has truly changed my life in very profound way.

Please watch the youtube link about what are the Access Bars® It’s worth taking a few minutes to watch this.

I offer Bars as a session usually lasting  90 minutes, depending on the person and I usually do some of the Access Process work before and at times during the session so allow a minimum of 2 hours for the session.

A Bars session is $150 per session, allow for up to 2 hours

Bars Classes taught monthly for $350 for this 8 hour class. LMT’s receive CEU’s.  If you’d like to host me for a class in your city please call and we can arrange a class date. If you’d like to receive part or all the tuition for free? Call me for details.

I’m happy to do home “Stepping into the Brilliance of You” parties so call to book your date! This is a two hour class which gives some amazingly easy to use energetic tools to tap you into what’s true for you! This is a $30 per person.

Are you choosing change? These are the classes for you! See you there!

Call 503 428 7990 to reserve your space in the class today!

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